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April 18, 2024 (EIRNS)—Two horrifying stories were published in the Midde East Eye yesterday, on the bestial treatment that Israeli forces are reportedly meting out to Palestinian civilians on a daily basis.

MEE said that, though it could not independently verify the testimonies given in the UNRWA report, they support other testimony given by former prisoners to MEE last month, in which they described being physically tortured with dogs and electricity, subjected to mock executions, and held in humiliating and degrading conditions.

According to the first report, Israeli quadcopters are being used to employ a “bizarre” new tactic of playing audio recordings of crying infants and women in order to lure Palestinians to locations where they can be targeted. On Sunday and Monday night, residents of the northern parts of Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp woke up to the sounds of babies crying and women calling out for help. When they went outside to locate the source of the cries and provide aid, Israeli quadcopters reportedly opened fire directly at them.

Such tactics serve no military purpose. The only possible purpose would be to terrorize people.

The second story describes an UNRWA report on the accounts of torture of Palestinians recently released from Israeli detention. UNRWA said it ahd received reports of mass ill-treatment of Palestinians taken captive from Gaza by Israeli forces, including detainees being urinated on and made to act like animals, and children being attacked by dogs. The new report warned that for the thousands of prisoners kept in detention by the Israeli army, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse were routine.