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Kyiv's Latest Tall Tale, Russia Kidnapped Ukrainian Children and Hid Them in Germany

Photo by Vika Strawberrika / Unsplash

April 18, 2024 (EIRNS)—In the real world, German officials informed Kyiv this week that 161 of the Ukrainian children that Kyiv had accused Russia of kidnapping have actually been in Germany, and most of them are living there with their parents or guardians. President Holger Münch of the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) so informed Ivan Vyhivskyi, the head of Ukraine’s national police, and the BKA stated as much publicly.

However, in the “bizarro” world of 2024 Kyiv, yesterday, Vyhivskyi announced: “Thanks to our cooperation with law enforcement agencies of the Federal Republic of Germany in documenting war crimes of the Russian Federation, namely the deportation and forced transfer of Ukrainian children, the whereabouts of 161 Ukrainian children who were wanted as forcibly transferred to temporarily occupied territories or deported to the Russian Federation and Belarus have been established in Germany.”

First, there was nothing about the fact they are living with their parents; and next, it left as an open question whether a forced transfer had occurred prior to these children somehow ending up in Germany. One is left to assume that Moscow had abducted the children and then, somehow, and rather devilishly, abandoned them in Germany. And, indeed, that’s how the matter was covered in Ukraine. The headline of Ukrinform reads, “161 Ukrainian Children Abducted by Russia Found in Germany.” Ukrinform proclaims: “In cooperation with German colleagues, Ukrainian law enforcement officers managed to identify in Germany 161 Ukrainian children abducted by Russia. This was stated by ... Vyhivskyi.” And Ukrainska Pravda's headline read: “161 Ukrainian Children Abducted by Russia Found in Germany.”

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