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Lavrov Warns That World Is on Precipice of Nuclear War

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the world in on the precipice of Nuclear War. Credit: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

April 22, 2024 (EIRNS)—Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned in an address to the Moscow Nonproliferation Conference this morning that the world is on the precipice of nuclear war. “Today, the United States and their NATO client states are still dreaming of inflicting ‘a strategic defeat’ on Russia and are ready to carry on with their policy of deterring our country ‘to the last Ukrainian.’ At the same time, the West is balancing on the dangerous edge of a direct military confrontation between nuclear powers, which could have catastrophic consequences,” Lavrov said, reported TASS in various stories that quote from the Foreign Ministry transcript.

“We are especially concerned that the three Western nuclear powers are among the main sponsors of the criminal Kyiv regime and the main organizers of various provocations. This could create serious strategic risks and increase the level of nuclear threat,” Lavrov declared.

He concluded his remarks that “We are convinced that to prevent further degradation of the world situation, maintain durable stability and create a realistic disarmament, all countries should pool their efforts to upgrade the international security system relying on the principles of multilateralism, equality and indivisibility. This is the only way of reducing interstate conflicts and ensuring real progress in arms control.”

Lavrov also refuted American claims that Russia plans to deploy, or has deployed, nuclear weapons in space. “Washington’s anti-Russia throw-ins have reached the point of absurdity. It is hurling at Russia unsubstantiated accusations of some activities in space that are threatening international security and are linked with ‘the deployment of nuclear weapons there.’

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