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Nebenzia Warns West To Allow Peace, Before Your Terrorist Ukrainian ‘Frankenstein’ Turns on You Next

April 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia posed a provocative question in addressing the special UN Security Council hearing on April 12 on the topic of how Western arms supplies are what is preventing the Ukrainian conflict from ending in a peace agreement. Nebenzia said:

“If Ukraine wanted peace, it would have achieved it long ago. Our justified and reasonable demands to our neighbor, which stand at the core of the SMO [special military Operation], are well known, and Ukraine is perfectly able to meet them without compromising its sovereignty and statehood. The fact that Germany had to part with Nazism and Japan with militarism did not make these states disappear. So why can’t Ukraine do this, while ceasing to discriminate against the Russian language and its speakers, in strict accordance with European values?”

“The answer to this question is very simple. Washington, London and Brussels do not need a Ukraine, which would be friends with Russia. It is not for that ending that they have been investing in it for the past 10 years,” Nebenzia reminded.

Nebenzia spoke after retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), an association of high level former American officials organizing for peace, had briefed the hearing on details of how Western powers are doing just that. Nebenzia detailed how, as the result of that policy, “Ukraine is turning into an openly terrorist state,” as it loses on the battlefield. He cited the numerous terrorist attacks carried out inside Russia by Ukraine, culminating with the “heinous” attack on the Crocus City Hall, which killed 144 and wounded over 500 people. He reported that even since then, the FSB had blocked the entry into Russia of 27 IEDs camouflaged as Orthodox icons and church utensils, which contained altogether enough explosives to blow up a five-story building.

He warned his “Western colleagues” that unless they stop it, they, too, will find that their terrorist “Frankenstein” will strike them next:

“In your Russophobic frenzy and while indulging the Kiev regime, you raised a monster. Its activity is no longer limited to Ukraine, where Zelensky’s clique, having usurped power and suppressed dissent, is committing lawlessness against its own citizens, openly mocking the memory of the victims of German Nazism and glorifying its accomplices. His terrorist tentacles already stretch outside Ukraine, and if problems connected to it emerge in Russia today, it does not mean that tomorrow they will not emerge somewhere else, because the Ukrainian leader has already lost touch with reality and is no longer capable of adequate judgment. In a fit of impotent anger caused by inability to turn the tide on the frontline and imminent defeat, your `Frankenstein"’ may turn on you at any moment. You have supplied enough weapons and equipment for that….

“The sooner you realize this and contain your Ukrainian clients, the better for you. It is a matter of months, if not weeks.”