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Netanyahu Seeks Crackdown on U.S. Universities, as Police and Elected Officials Need Little Convincing

Neyanyayhu's crackdown video. Neanyahu's X page

April 26, 2024 (EIRNS)—In a preposterous post claiming that the protests on American universities are reminiscent of activity on German campuses during the Nazi period of the 1930s, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded the protests be “condemned, and condemned unequivocally.”

Railing against the allegedly “anti-Semitic mobs” taking over campuses, allegedly “attacking” Jewish students and faculty, and wanting “to kill Jews wherever they are” with statements like “death to the Jews.” (The numerous Jewish students participating in these protests don’t seem to be concerned that their classmates are going to kill them.) He then essentially argued that because lies and slander have been deployed in the past against Jews, any criticism that Netanyahu declares to be “slander” today is simply anti-Semitism and need not be addressed on its merits. His demand: “Stop anti-Semitism.”

It seems that the New York City Police Department got the message, at least indirectly. Regarding the Columbia University protests, the Chief of Patrol posted that “The only incidents that day on campus were the student’s [sic] hateful anti-Semitic speech and vile language towards our cops. I am sure you agree any hateful speech is unacceptable.”

No one who has any concept of the First Amendment could “agree any hateful speech is unacceptable.” Chief Daughtry followed up: “Being anti-Semitic and spewing hate to kids will never ever be tolerated in our city.”

Expressing viewpoints, including anti-Semitic ones, is protected speech under the U.S. Constitution.

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