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Nicaragua Takes Germany to ICJ Court over Complicity in Gaza Genocide

Nicaraguan contingent at the International Court of Justice, April 8. Credit: ICJ

April 8, 2024 (EIRNS)—The International Court of Justice in The Hague is holding hearings on April 8 and 9 on a Nicaraguan lawsuit against Germany for violating the Genocide Convention. The German government is facilitating genocide against the Palestinians through its political, financial and military support of Israel, Nicaragua charges, and calls for an injunction to force Germany to immediately stop arms exports to Israel and resume payments to the UN’s Palestinian relief organization, UNRWA.

Nicaragua’s 43-page submission argues that Germany is in breach of the 1948 UN Genocide Convention. “By sending military equipment and now defunding UNRWA [UN agency for Palestinian refugees] … Germany is facilitating the commission of genocide,” says the submission.

In his opening statement, Al Jazeera reported, Nicaraguan Ambassador to The Netherlands Carlos José Argüello Gómez charged that “serious breaches of international humanitarian law … including genocide, are taking place in Palestine” and are “being committed openly.… Germany has violated this obligation imposed on all states,” Argüello Gómez said, to prevent the plausible genocide being committed by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza. “If the actions of Israel continue to be unrestrained… and they continue to receive the indiscriminate support of states like Germany, then a new generation of Palestinians will rise up again in the future,” he warned.

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