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Palestine Is Reconsidering Relations with the United States

President Mahmoud Abbas . Credit: UN Photo/Cia Pak

April 20, 2024 (EIRNS)—The United States betrayal of the Palestinian people has gone too far. In an exclusive interview today with Palestine’s news service, WAFA, President Mahmoud Abbas stated that “the Palestinian leadership will reconsider bilateral relations with the United States to ensure the protection of our people’s interests, our cause, and our rights.” The leadership “is going to develop a new strategy to protect Palestinian national decisions independently and follow a Palestinian agenda rather than an American vision or regional agendas…. [Palestine] will not remain hostage to policies that have proven their failure and have been exposed to the entire world.”

The U.S. veto of recognition of Palestine as a UN member is “a blatant aggression against the rights, history, land, and sanctities of the Palestinian people, challenging the will of the international community,” he charged.

“While the world agrees on the application of international law and stands by the Palestinian right, America continues to support the occupation, refusing to compel Israel to stop its genocidal war. It provides Israel with weapons and funds that kill our children and destroy our homes, and it stands against us in international forums, in positions that do not serve security and stability in the region….

“The United States has violated all international laws and abandoned all promises regarding the two-state solution and achieving peace in the region….

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