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Plans for Huge March in Defense of Public Educations Rattles Milei Government

April 22, 2024 (EIRNS)—Tomorrow’s planned nationwide strike and march in defense of public education, and public universities in particular, is rattling the Milei government. From all reports, it promises to be huge, and includes professors and students of public universities; both the CGT and CTA trade union federations, plus other trade unions; professors and students from private universities; and scientists and professionals of all kinds, who are alumni of the public educational system. Some social organizations and leftist groups may also participate.

The demonstration has hit a nerve in the government, because this grouping largely represents the middle class—supposedly President Javier Milei’s supporters and “base.” But the savage cuts in university budgets, which may force many of these institutions to shut down and deprive students of their education, have provoked enormous anger and panic in the government. La Política Online reported April 21 that Undersecretary of University Policy Alejandro Alvarez has been frantically calling all the deans of public universities, begging them to call off the strike. Presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni charged, in this morning’s daily press conference today, that the march is “politically motivated.”

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