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Russia Catches Ukrainian Truck Headed to Moscow with Explosives Hidden in Icons

April 3, 2024 (EIRNS)—Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) stated yesterday that they caught a Ukrainian shipment of 10 kg of high-grade plastic explosives, 91 electronic detonators, parts of an RPG-7 warhead and four homemade bombs, all disguised inside a shipment of Orthodox religious items. The shipment had gone through several EU countries before trying to enter at the Latvian-Russian border.

The FSB released a video showing an explosives expert opening up the casings of the “icons” and revealing a white substance. Judging by the footage, the seized shipment contained several hundred holy images and multiple other items. “Hexogen, a powerful plastic explosive, was found inside the icons,” Dmitry Belotserkovsky, head of the Interior Ministry’s forensic center in Pskov Region, said. Hexogen, also known as RDX, is 50% more powerful than TNT, he added. He calculated that the amount of the seized explosives was “enough to blow up a five-story residential block.” The shipment also contained industrially produced fuses with delay mechanisms, which he said are usually used by special forces units to carry out sabotage activities.

The truck driver was shown in the video, saying: “I was traveling towards Russian territory to the city of Moscow, where the unloading of the cargo was supposed to take place.”