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Russia Rejects Story that US Warned Crocus City Hall Was Terrorist Target

April 4, 2024 (EIRNS)—Russia has rejected claims in the Washington Post and other news media that the US had warned Moscow that the Crocus City Hall venue was itself a specific target of a terrorist threat. “The allegations of the US media, the New York Times and the Washington Post in particular, that the American authorities have warned Russia about the preparation of a terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall are untrue,” a source “in a competent Russian agency” told TASS. “As it was previously reported, the US did inform Russia about the terrorist threat. However, this information was general and contained only a warning about the possibility of a terrorist attack on public places,” the source added.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made the rejection official, in response to a reporter’s query. “We are so accustomed to American fabrications in the informational sphere, followed by their immediate disavowal of their own claims, that I would very much like to ask you to get some concrete facts from the American side on this issue. Meaning, to whom they handed this information over, exactly,” she said, commenting on the Washington Post report.

Zakharova later told TASS that Russia will draw appropriate political conclusions on the basis of the established facts following the results of the investigation into the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.

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