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Russia Tests New ICBM, Releases Video for the World To See

April 13, 2024 (EIRNS)—The Russian government continues to remind the world how dangerous and suicidal it is to try to corner and destroy Russia, rather than seeking negotiated, peaceful solutions that respect the security interests of all parties.

RT today reported on a new ICBM test by Russia which it described as “top secret” and added: “According to the Russian military, the Strategic Missile Forces `successfully launched ICBM of a mobile ground-based missile system’ from the interservice test facility near Volgograd. The test was successful and indicated `the high reliability of domestic missiles, ensuring the strategic security of the country.’ The type of system tested was not specified. Russia currently uses the RS-24 Yars (known by NATO as the SS-29) missiles as its mobile nuclear deterrent, but has reportedly been developing a successor for this system as well. … The solid-fueled missile is intended to carry multiple thermonuclear warheads and can be deployed from mobile vehicles or silos.”

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