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Russian Forces Capture U.S.-Supplied M1 Tank from Ukrainians

April 29, 2024 (EIRNS)—It turns out that the report, last week, that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had withdrawn its U.S.-supplied M1 Abrams tanks from the battlefield was not entirely true. It turns out that, according to imagery circulating on social media, such as [here]( ) and here, at least one M1 tank was “withdrawn” by Russian troops.

In an interview with RIA Novosti on April 29, Aleksandr Savchuk, who heads the press office of the Russian ‘Center’ group of forces, said the wrecked tank was evacuated from the Avdeevka sector of the front, reported RT. Savchuk added that the tank was towed to the rear and would soon be displayed at a major trophy show in Moscow, which will also feature dozens of other Western-made heavy vehicles captured during the conflict. RT adds that Russian Telegram channels noted that the Abrams was removed from the frontline town of Berdychi after Russian troops advanced in the area. Russian military expert Boris Rozhin reported that there are at least four other disabled Abrams and seven or eight disabled U.S.-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicles near Berdychi.

Sputnik reports that Russia’s growing collection of NATO combat vehicles could help Russian military engineers develop weapons tailored to destroy them. “Studying NATO vehicles such as the Marder 1 A3, Bradley M2A2 and Swedish CV 9040 will allow Russian engineers to become familiar with advanced Western military technologies and design principles,” it cited an outlet called Defense TV as reporting. “This knowledge could significantly influence Russian military strategy and development. Identifying weaknesses in these weapons’ armor, sensors and electronic systems of these vehicles could lead to the development of countermeasures to enhance survivability of Russian armored vehicles against similar threats.”