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Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez Terms Israel's ‘Disproportionate Response' in Gaza as a Global Threat

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. CC/La Moncloa - Government of Spain

April 11, 2024 (EIRNS)—In his report yesterday to Spain’s Congress of Deputies on the EU Council summit on March 21-22, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez warned that Israel’s “absolutely disproportionate response” in its war in Gaza against Hamas has “overturned decades of humanitarian law and threatened to destabilize the Middle East and, as a consequence, the whole world.”

Sánchez stressed that in Brussels his government demanded a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip from the outset, proposed holding an international peace conference, and defended the two-state solution, which has been endorsed by most EU member states. “The international community will not be able to help the Palestinian state if it does not first recognize its existence,” and said the recognition of a Palestinian state as being, “in Europe’s geopolitical interests.” He further said that “Spain is prepared to recognise the Palestinian state,” according to the government report on his remarks.

Sánchez first made this call March 22, when he signed a joint statement alongside his Irish, Maltese, and Slovenian counterparts on the sidelines of the EU summit announcing that they were ready “to recognize Palestine” when “the circumstances are right,” if that could help bring about a resolution to the conflict.

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