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Sare Campaign Worker Explains, ‘Why I Volunteered To Support Diane Sare’

April 24, 2024 (EIRNS)—In the April 18 issue of the main newspaper of Queens County, New York, the Queens Chronicle, Diane Sare for Senate campaign volunteer Linda Carlson sent a letter to the editor titled, “Two Party Scheme.” The population of Queens County is 2.3 million, who are well-organized in neighborhoods composed of ethnic groups from every part of the world.

After describing the corrupt and outrageous change of the election law in New York State, requiring each independent statewide candidate to gather 45,000 signatures from voters in just over a month, Carlson explained to the readers:

“A few years ago, I volunteered to collect signatures for Diane Sare, who was running against Charles Schumer for U.S. Senate. Very few were aware of this unfair [election] law. Afterwards, I learned that in 2019 the New York Times did print an article, ‘Democrats’ Secret Plan To Kill Third Parties in New York.’

“Sare garnered 66,000 signatures, guaranteeing her place on the ballot. When it came time for the debate, however, only the Republican challenger could participate, not the third-party candidate. Message: 66,000 voters don’t matter.... Please contact your state Senator and Assembly member ... level the playing field for all candidates.”

Today, many parts of Queens County are hotbeds of Sare support.