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Student Demos in Support of Palestine Spreading Like Wildfire

April 26, 2024 (EIRNS)—The student protests are spreading throughout the nation in spite of the crackdowns and the threat of House Speaker Mike Johnson to call out the National Guard. Associated Press has issued the following list: CUNY, Emory, University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State, George Washington University, Harvard, California State Polytechnic, Princeton, Emerson College in Boston, NYU, Northwestern, Yale, Fashion Institute of Technology, Indiana University, City College in New York, Michigan State, University of Connecticut, and University of Pennsylvania.

The demonstrations vary in size and some have been provoked by attempted “preemptive measures” taken by university authorities, like shutting down classes or closing the gates to prevent trouble. Police at Princeton University brutally shut down students’ attempts to set up an encampment on campus early yesterday morning, arresting several students, removing them from their campus housing and banning them from returning to campus. Many were threatened with expulsion. However, it doesn’t look as if repressive measures will put the genie back in the bottle any time soon. After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered riot police, some on horseback, to dismantle a student encampment at the University of Texas at Austin on April 23, students came right back the next day to rebuild it.

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