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April 1, 2024 (EIRNS)—What is happening in Haiti is precisely what Lyndon LaRouche described in the 1992 special report “The Genocidal Roots of Bush’s `New World Order’” as reported in the April 1 EIR Daily News lead. The wars taking place in poor countries “is intended to destroy large portions of the economic infrastructure or the targeted nations. The purpose is to create the conditions of famine, epidemic disease and pestilences which will be sufficient to cause the desired increases in the death rate.”

An article in the March 31 issue of the Miami Herald is appropriately titled “Countdown to Death:Haiti’s Health Crisis Grows as Gangs Destroy Hospitals, Pharmacies,” written by veteran Haiti correspondent Jacqueline Charles, in which she describes the gang violence’s total destruction of the country’s healthcare system, and everything associated with it. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical schools in Port-au-Prince have been looted, vandalized and torched. People can’t get prescriptions or any medicine because pharmacies in downtown Port-au-Prince are shuttered or burned down.

This is depopulation. People with kidney disease, cancer or common infectious killers like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis must often suspend their treatments either because the hospital is closed, there’s no electricity, or it’s too dangerous to go out into the street. Dialysis patients usually require treatments two to three times a week. Shortages of food, water and medicine are acute because the capital’s main port is shut. “Disease is spreading, and no one knows what to do or where to turn,” Charles describes. Half of Port-au-Prince’s health facilities are closed or operating at below-normal capacity. Waterborne diseases such as cholera are spreading, and there is fear of a new cholera epidemic. Vaccine stocks will run out by the end of April if nothing improves.

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