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U.K. Insurers Refuse To Pay Out for Nord Stream, Because Attacks Were 'Government' Backed

April 18, 2024 (EIRNS)—An analysis of a filing by Lloyd’s of London and Arch Insurance regarding the claim against them by Nord Stream AG (the company owning and operating the pipelines from Russia to Germany) for hundreds of millions of euros in damages due to the Sept. 26, 2022 destruction of the pipelines, reveals that the insurers are saying that they don’t need to pay out, because the sabotage was most likely the work of a government.

Swedish engineer Erik Andersson, who led a private investigative expedition to the site of the Baltic Sea explosion, explains in a thread posted on X the strategy outlined in the filing.

First off, the insurers write that they “will rely on, inter alia, the fact that the Explosion Damage could only have (or, at least, was more likely than not to have) been inflicted by or under the order of a government.” [emphasis added]

What’s more, they conclude with the hope that future sanctions may prevent them from having to pay any settlement in Nord Stream AG’s favor: “Further … in the event that the Defendants are found to be liable to pay an indemnity and/or damages … the Defendants reserve their position as to whether any such payment would be prohibited by any applicable economic sanctions that may be in force at the time any such payment is required to be made.”

In order to get out of making the huge payout due the pipeline company, the insurers will have to prove that the explosion was the work of a government, something that has been officially denied, in favor of a tall tale about a small group of Ukrainians renting a vessel and placing the explosives.