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Vatican News Chief Editor Calls People To Take Responsibility and Mobilize in the Face of War Escalation

April 19, 2024 (EIRNS)—Andrea Tornielli, editorial director of Vatican News, wrote a hard-hitting editorial today on the responsibility of people to act in the face of those acting irresponsibly, and encouraged people that “a cry for peace is swelling amid the many situations of war and conflict.” He offered these thoughts, referring to Pope Francis’ Friday morning meeting with more than 6,000 children of the Network of Schools for Peace. The text follows in full.

Faced with Irresponsibility, People Are Called To Responsibility

by Andrea Tornielli

The world continues to hold its breath following what has happened in the last six months and unfortunately is happening today in the Middle East.

Ever-more dramatic events are unfolding, including the cruel aggression within Israel perpetrated by Hamas with the killing of 1,200 people, mostly peaceful civilians; the saturation bombing and invasion of the Gaza Strip that has caused almost 34,000 deaths, mostly civilians, many of them children; the raid that gutted the palace of an Iranian diplomatic mission in Damascus; Iran’s response with drone and missile attacks on Israeli military targets; and, on Friday, Israel’s response attacking military targets in Iran.

All this poses the ever-greater risk that escalation will degenerate into choices with no point of return, which would drag the whole world into a conflict with incalculable consequences.

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