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War Party Convenes ‘Breakup Russia’ Confab in D.C.

April 17, 2024 (EIRNS)—Brzezinski’s old bastion, the CIA-founded Jamestown Foundation, organized a full-day conference April 16 at its Washington headquarters with the so-called “Free Nations of Post-Russia Forum” (FNPRF). Its subject was “Russia’s Rupture and Western Policy.” That is, what policies are required to ensure that the “inevitable” fragmentation of the Russian Federation into anywhere from 12 to 100 different “nations” comes out to the benefit of the NATO powers.

Conference speakers dismissed the danger of nuclear war or concerns over the chaos any “rupture” of Russia would unleash upon the world. They are concerned, however, that “predatory China” (their description) might “move in” to pick up pieces of a splintered Russia before they do; that’s why NATO is taking a “360-degree approach” to the world, former Polish Foreign Minister and current MEP Anna Fotyga explained in her keynote speech. But the number one concern of this faction is to silence any American interests who might seek to reestablish normal, pragmatic relations with Russia, or sabotage the war party’s plans for the final takedown of Russia.

This was most clear in the final panel, a veritable war hawks’ mad hatters’ party. The three former American Ambassadors—William Courtney (now at RAND), William Taylor (now VP of the misnamed U.S. Institute for Peace), and John Herbst (now Atlantic Council), Jamestown Foundation President Peter Mattis and former senior Defense and State Department advisor Debra Cagan, now with the Atlantic Council, had a unified message: winning the war in Ukraine is the key to bring about regime change and the fragmentation of Russia.

Ambassador Courtney: We were nice to Russia after the Soviet Union broke up; this time it will be different: no lifting of sanctions, no deals until Russia is entirely out of Ukraine and there is a liberalizing “regime change.” Ambassador Taylor: The collapse of the Soviet Union did not end the world; we should not fear Russia’s rupture. Our job is to provide Ukraine with the weapons they need to drive Russia out of Ukraine. Ambassador Herbst: Let’s win the war in Ukraine, and then if Russia splits apart, we can deal with it. Cagan: if Russia splinters, why should we care? What’s wrong with pushing regime-change anyway?

The Biden administration is “cowering, when it needs to be strong,” said Herbst. There are people, Cagan warned, who expect to go back to business as usual with Russia; there must be something wrong with their brains! The problem is the non-proliferation and arms control crowd, who are being listened to. Herbst described Jeffrey Sachs without naming him ("but you all know who I mean”) as exemplary of that problem. We have to keep our businesses, “our kumbaya crowd” and our arms control crowd “in check,” he warned.

Prior panels heard from representatives of some of the 41 or so separatist movements the FNPRF aims to unite and arm, pleading for official U.S. recognition of their “states,” and from their Jamestown Foundation handlers.