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Wall Street Journal Writes, U.S. Intelligence Assesses Putin Not Involved in Navalny’s Death

Putin didn't do it. Credit/

April 28, 2024 (EIRNS)—U.S. intelligence agencies are usually invoked in the media, not to report what they actually assess or believe, but to convince public audiences of what those agencies’ controllers want the public to believe. On April 27, however, the Wall Street Journal has chosen to report, “Putin Didn’t Directly Order Alexei Navalny’s February Death, U.S. Spy Agencies Find.” The Journal has very recently written about intelligence assessments that the March 2022 Russia-Ukraine negotiations with Turkish mediation may indicate a basis for starting such negotiations now to end the conflict. These two reports may have a connection at the Journal, given that Congress throwing $60-70 billion in new aid to Ukraine is not likely to make any turn in the military tide.

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