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American Student Protests Against Genocide Are Spreading at Home and Abroad

by Dennis Small (EIRNS) — May. 01, 2024

Despite over 1,600 arrests, dozens and perhaps hundreds of suspensions and expulsions of students from universities, and a number of instances of incendiary police violence—such as at Emory University and now Washington University at St. Louis—the protests at U.S. university campuses against the unending genocide in Gaza are continuing and expanding. They are the voice of morality in a world at razor’s edge of a descent into thermonuclear war.

Efforts to suppress these voices by the trans-Atlantic Establishment will only increase polarization and the danger of war, Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned in her May 1 weekly Dialogue webcast. “The efforts to maintain the power structure of the unipolar world by promoting the Ukraine war, the war in the Middle East, by trying to extend global NATO—all of these are efforts to maintain and actually expand the existing order will not succeed,” Zepp-LaRouche emphasized. “There is no way in this universe that the effort to go back to a status quo where the US is the world policemen and the European allies are just servile slaves, a world run on the assumed and imagined moral superiority of the West—this is completely out!”

The leaders of the Global South are watching, Zepp-LaRouche stated, to see if the West has lost all morality, or if there is still hope for a shift away from the unipolar world order of economic collapse and geopolitical wars. They are watching to see if “there are some people in the so-called Establishment who have the courage to support the students, as some have done, but more is needed.”

More voices like that of Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto are urgently needed, who stated yesterday that “this Western warmongering madness has gained a new dimension and grown into a nuclear war madness.” With Ukraine in mind, he added: “A truce must be reached as soon as possible and the warring parties must sit down at the negotiating table.”

The same applies to Southwest Asia. The genocide in Gaza must stop; an immediate ceasefire must be established, along with immediate humanitarian aid in very large quantities. And an international conference should be convened to establish a durable two-state political solution to the Israel-Palestine crisis, which can only occur in the context of the kind of mutually beneficial economic development projects that Lyndon LaRouche detailed in his Oasis Plan for the region.

Don’t wait for an answer to come from the U.S. Presidential elections—it won’t. As LaRouche independent candidate for Senator from New York Diane Sare has stated bluntly, there are no candidates running who are competent to hold that office. For example, Donald Trump’s textual message about the student mobilization was: “STOP THE PROTESTS NOW!!!” And Joe Biden’s effort to win back the vanishing youth vote for his campaign is not to stop the killing fields in Gaza—which is occurring courtesy of American arms, American money, and American political cover for Netanyahu—but to offer young Americans legalized marihuana instead! “They don’t like the wars? Let them smoke dope,” is Biden’s message.

This Establishment wants youth to be drugged-out in a new Opium War, rather than participating in policy-making as thinking, moral human beings.

Zepp-LaRouche urged listeners to join with the Schiller Institute to organize a top-down new international security and development architecture to replace the current bankrupt system. She argued that “the upheaval by students, especially in the US, but also happening in several European countries, is a hopeful change, because it’s an expression that there is a significant segment of the population that is standing up for what is right.”


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