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The Dignity of Man Is in Our Hands

by Dennis Speed (EIRNS) — May. 14, 2024

Faced with an unprecedented evil—the ongoing, electronically-transmitted genocide, transpiring at this moment in Gaza, with no trans-Atlantic government acting to stop it—we, the people, are required to evoke from ourselves, and then deploy, an unprecedented good. Neither the world in general, nor we as individuals, can, or will, avoid the truth of this moment. We are being tested in the balance. Our self-conception as human beings is placed on one side of the scale. On the other side of the scale are weighed the lives of what was once 2 million people in Gaza. Over 350,000 people have been forced to flee, now from Rafah, where they were told they would be safe. The “red line” has been crossed, and nothing has been done. The Palestinians are forced to flee again some for the eighth or more time in eight months, now out of Rafah, and to where … and to what?

So far, we, and the world, have been tested in the balance, and found wanting.

This week, the LaRouche Organization, the Schiller Institute, and the International Peace Coalition, as well as all people of good will, must go beyond resources, beyond apparent influence, and beyond words, to catalyze an immediate change in the axioms of thinking, and therefore of behavior, of our fellow citizens now sleepwalking into World War Three. The doorway to that war may be through Palestine, and some are inviting it. The mad Senator Lindsey Graham said over the weekend that “When we were faced with destruction as a nation after Pearl Harbor, fighting the Germans and the Japanese, we decided to end the war by bombing Hiroshima, Nagasaki, with nuclear weapons. That was the right decision. … So, Israel, do whatever you have to do to survive as a Jewish state. Whatever you have to do.” We, who are still sane, must find a way to bring the greater weight of our capabilities, as people, and as nations, to bear. How can we do this?

Schiller Institute founder and head Helga Zepp-LaRouche pointed out in her Monday briefing to associates that columnist Caitlin Johnstone had called attention to recent remarks on the student demonstrations made by Alex Karp, CEO of the surveillance agency Palantir. “We kind of just think these things that are happening, across college campuses especially, are like a sideshow—no, they are the show. Because if we lose the intellectual debate, you will not be able to deploy any army in the West, ever.” Johnstone said, “For those who don’t know, Palantir is a CIA-backed surveillance and data mining tech company with intimate ties to both the U.S. intelligence cartel and to Israel, playing a crucial role in both the U.S. empire’s sprawling surveillance network and Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.”

Palantir represents the “intelligence” component of what former CIA analyst and International Peace Coalition member Ray McGovern calls the “military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academic-think-tank complex,” or MICIMATT. Karp, who earned a PhD in social theory—not computers, or engineering, or mathematics—at Goethe University in Frankfurt, wrote his dissertation, “Aggression in the Life-World,” as “a ‘systematic’ reinterpretation of Theodor Adorno’s The Jargon of Authenticity,” as reported in the article written by Moira Weigel, “Palantir Goes to the Frankfurt School.” Adorno, one of the founders of the Frankfurt School, was not only one of the pivotal founders of “critical theory,” but played a decisive role, directly in California, in creating post-1940s American counter-culture, promoting the works of both Stravinsky and Arnold Schoenberg, as well as composing so-called music for the explicit purpose of inducing mental illness.

If a billionaire, specializing in surveillance technology used for everything from cyber-warfare to assassinations, whose specialty is applying The Jargon of Authenticity to cognitive war-fighting, tells his fellow “MICIMATT” associates to “be afraid, be very afraid” of the radiating moral effect of the student mobilizations against the genocide in Gaza, it’s probably a good idea to listen. He is telling you that, though you may not know it, your actions, weak as they may appear, are in fact changing, not only the “narrative,” but the axioms of belief in the entire trans-Atlantic culture. In that way, we, through a higher idea of humanity, can destroy the “authenticity” of the bloody war machine’s motivations—and, thus, dismantle it. We, the world, can be a “Humanity for Peace.” Can the people of the Anglosphere, as did others, in November of 1989 in Germany, be inspired to “walk through the Berlin Wall” of the trillion-dollar war machine?

This is the moment to try. “The basic assumption for the new paradigm is, that man is fundamentally good and capable to infinitely perfect the creativity of his mind and the beauty of his soul, and being the most advanced geological force in the universe, which proves that the lawfulness of the mind and that of the physical universe are in correspondence and cohesion, and that all evil is the result of a lack of development, and therefore can be overcome.” Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Tenth Principle, of her Ten Principles for a New International Security and Development Architecture, properly studied, understood and deployed as the basis for taking the next step beyond the student protests, is the moral springboard that can connect the universities and high schools with the population at large.

The independent electoral candidacies of Diane Sare and Jose Vega in New York, along with the victory of independent candidates such as George Galloway in England’s February 29 Rochdale by-election, are the proper inspiration, just as America’s students inspired others around the world. In the Global South, and in the 143 nations that voted to seat the State of Palestine at the United Nations, such a decision taken by the people of the declining Anglo-American empire would be welcome. So this week, with this Friday’s International Peace Coalition meeting, and with our efforts around the Emergency Alert Service, we must sound the certain trumpet that calls humanity, not the beast-men, to battle for the dignity of man.


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Collapsing Imperial System

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