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A Dangerous Nuclear Escalation: Russian Early Warning Radar Hit by Ukrainian Drones

Russia's Armavir Radar Station in the southwestern Krasnodar Krai region. Credit: X

An early warning radar station in Russia’s Southern Krasnodar region was apparently hit by a drone attack in recent days. Most of the available analysis, which includes satellite imagery, puts the strike on the night of May 22-23. “Ukrainian troops continue their aggressive campaign against strategically important targets on Russian territory,” reported the Russian military news site. “This time, their target was the Voronezh-DM strategic long-range detection radar station of the missile attack warning system (SPRN), located in Armavir.” It includes imagery showing two damaged structures at the Armavir site which are now widely circulating. The limited nature of the damage suggests that indeed the structures, which house the radar antennas, were hit by drones.

“The distance of the station from the Ukrainian border is more than 450 kilometers, which indicates a significant range of Ukrainian drones,” notes. “Let us recall that on the same day an attempt was recorded to attack an oil refinery in Tatarstan.”

“These incidents confirm that Ukraine continues to use modern technologies and tactics to conduct military operations,” it comments further. “Strikes against objects of strategic importance not only cause material damage, but also create serious threats to Russia’s national security. It is obvious that Ukraine is not acting independently, but with the support of Western partners who provide intelligence and technological assistance.”

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