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Italian Defense Journal Analisi Difesa on Voronezh Radar Attack

The Italian defense magazine Analisi Difesa is among the very few Western media that mention the Ukrainian drone attack against the Russian Voronezh early warning radar in Armavir, reported by a Ukrainian source but so far not confirmed by any official Russian source. For the latter reason, Analisa Difesa uses the adverb “apparently.”

Analisa Difesa’s editor Gianandrea Gaiani, in an article entitled “NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg Does More Damage to NATO Than Putin,” connects the Voronezh report to Stoltenberg’s statements to the City of London-based weekly, The Economist.

“It is not improper to speculate (and it would certainly not be the first time) that Stoltenberg is playing into the hands of the British and the U.S., supported by the Poles and the Baltics, to spur all partners to yield to these pressures. In that case, however, his role as NATO secretary general would have devolved into ‘lobbying’ for the interests of some member states that also include the alliance’s Anglo-Saxon ‘majority shareholders.’

“Is it a coincidence that in recent days the Ukrainians have damaged a radar system of the Voronezh Strategic Air Defense Early Warning Network in the Krasnodar region, an apparatus used to locate the launching of intercontinental ballistic missiles directed against Russia? A further attack on another Voronezh network apparatus apparently took place yesterday. The Ukrainians need now more than ever to involve NATO members in the conflict, and any provocation useful to this end must be budgeted for.”

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