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Anti-Zionist Jews on Campus Are Beginning To Break the Press Blackout

Two articles have appeared during the past week that disrupt the AIPAC narrative that anti-genocide student demonstrations are hotbeds of anti-Semitism. On April 26, Teen Vogue published “Jewish Students Are Bringing Their Faith to University Pro-Palestine Protests,” with very positive coverage of Jewish groups who oppose the slaughter in Gaza, and including interviews with Jewish Voice for Peace activists who describe how the moral teachings of Judaism compel them to join the protests. Then on April 28, The Hill published an op-ed by Columbia/Barnard students, “We’re Jewish Students at Columbia Arrested for Protesting Israel’s War.” The co-authors denounce the Anti-Defamation League and Rep. Elise Stefanik as “political opportunists,” writing: “We chose to be arrested in the movement for Palestinian liberation because we are inspired by our Jewish ancestors who fought for freedom 4,000 years ago.”

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