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Bulgarian and Ukrainian Military Publications Analyze the Armavir Attack

Military publications in Bulgaria and Ukraine over the weekend covered the attack on the Armavir Voronezh-DM radar system, in both cases displaying recognition that this is a game-changer which will have major repercussions. has a story which notes: “The radar, as a structure and high-tech device, was not damaged. However, the administrative buildings from which the radar is operated and commanded were damaged.… Attacking this high-priority asset of the Russian Federation can be defined as the highest-priority target that Ukraine has set for elimination so far…. (It) offers partial visibility over Crimea. However, its main focus spans the Balkans and the Mediterranean, which are vital NATO areas, as well as regions in Asia, including Persia and the Gulf.… Nevertheless, these incidents may well be part of a systematic effort by the Ukrainian Defense Forces to reduce the strategic capabilities of the Russian Federation.” added: “In addition to its primary function of missile detection, the Voronezh-DM can also contribute to space surveillance. Its ability to track objects in space makes it a valuable asset for monitoring satellite activities and potential space-based threats. This dual capability underscores the radar’s versatility and its importance in Russia’s broader defense strategy.”

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