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Canadian and South Korean Companies Seek To Cooperate on SMR Production

The Canada-based New Brunswick Power (NB Power) and ARC Clean Technology as well as Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP) of South Korea have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate on “establishing teaming agreements for global small modular reactor (SMR) fleet deployment,” according to a May 7 statement from the three companies. The MOU was signed on May 1 at the Reuters SMR and Advanced Reactor 2024 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

NB Power is one of three authorities operating nuclear power plants in Canada while KHNP operates all 28 NPPs in South Korea. Both companies have ambitions to play leading roles in the manufacture of SMRs.

ARC Clean technology is developing their ARC-100, a demonstration SMR in cooperation with NB Power. The ARC-100 is a sodium-cooled fast breeder reactor that will produce 100 MWe of power. It is a low pressure pool-type reactor with inherent safety performance. It will have an outlet temperature of 510°C and use metallic uranium alloy fuel with a long 20-year fuel cycle/60 year life. Their demonstration reactor will be constructed at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station and is slated for commissioning by 2029, subject to approvals and licensing. Its construction is part of a strategic plan on SMR development and deployment announced in 2022 by the governments of Ontario, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Alberta. The ARC-100 is currently undergoing the second phase of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s pre-licensing Vendor Design Review process, having completed the first phase in 2019.

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