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Candidate Diane Sare Issues Statement: Can There Be a Memorial Day If No One Survives to Remember?

Diane Sare, candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York, issued a statement: “Can There Be a Memorial Day if No One Survives to Remember?” which opens with this 2014 quotation from Lyndon LaRouche:

A return to our actually founding constitutional principles, minus the elected opportunists’ errors respecting the follies of so-called “popular opinions,” were urgently needed, right now. Otherwise survival, if still possible, were nonetheless in doubt presently.

“Three days ago, Ukrainian drones struck the Armavir Radar Station in Russia’s Krasnodar Krai region, hundreds of miles inside Russia’s border with Ukraine,” Sare writes. “This station is a critical component of Russia’s early warning radar system, able to detect incoming missiles from thousands of miles away… As opposed to taking your opinion from the lying American news media, think for yourself: how would Russia be likely to interpret such a move? How many of your neighbors are aware that Russia has recently been performing military drills involving the use of ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons? Is any one of the current pack of leading American presidential candidates aware of the danger we are in? Certainly the dementia-suffering Joe Biden is not, and the others have been ominously silent on this most important topic of our future existence.”

The statement, available in full at this link, concludes:

“Take a moment this Memorial Day to imagine the world that you would want your great grandchildren to inhabit three generations from now. Do you think that other people in remote lands want a similar future for their children generations from now? We Americans have an important responsibility in creating this world. It starts today, not on November 5.”