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Columbia Professor Refutes Media Lies Alleging ‘Anti-Semitic’ Demonstrations

Dr. Bruce Robbins, a professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, released a six-minute video yesterday, “What This Jewish Professor at Columbia Wants You To Know,” laying waste to the lies about “anti-Semitism” in the demonstrations and by the demonstrators at Columbia University. He begins by emphasizing that the entire world is watching the genocide in Gaza, an “atrocity under our noses.” He visited the encampment at Columbia University, which he called “well-organized,” while students were doing “everything possible to remain a peaceful demonstration with non-violence.”

American political bipartisan support for Israel makes the protests all the more inspiring, he says, “We stand with Israel. Everybody seems to stand with Israel. Except the young people look at their social media feed and they realize we should be standing with Israel in this way.” He reports that the Board of Trustees at Columbia, who “are giving the instructions to our President are very intimately connected to Wall Street. There’s a lot of investment in intelligence, in military hardware.”

He said that “transparency in this area will expose problems elsewhere.”

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