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Argentine President Javier Milei is escalating a diplomatic crisis with Spain. Credit: Milei Facebook page

Apparently, the answer is yes. He has now escalated the diplomatic crisis with Spain, caused initially by his public insults of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and his wife, Begoña Gomez, during his visit to Madrid May 18-19. He has now unleashed a new barrage of insults in the wake of Spain’s recalling its ambassador from Buenos Aires.

As reported by Página 12, Milei told a radio interviewer yesterday that Sánchez was a “fatally arrogant socialist”, plus “a totalitarian, sinister, arrogant, red [communist], a coward, ridiculous, a laughing stock” who suffered from an “inferiority complex"—and on and on and on. Needless to say, Spain’s Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares, announced in a press conference May 20 that the recall of Spain’s ambassador to Argentina will continue for an indefinite period of time, leaving no one of an ambassadorial level at the Buenos Aires embassy.

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