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Cousin of Racist Meir Kahane Arrested for Driving His Car into Columbia Protesters

Reuven Kahane, 57, cousin of the infamous racist and extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane, was arrested by New York City police, and then arraigned in court yesterday, for allegedly driving his car into anti-Israel protesters, reports the Times of Israel. An argument reportedly broke out yesterday between Kahane and a group of dozens of protesters who were demonstrating next to the Upper East Side home of a Columbia University board of trustees member.

As the protesters were leaving, Kahane allegedly drove toward the group, hitting Maryellen Novak, 55. An NYPD spokesperson said that Kahane has been charged with second-degree assault. The New York Daily News reported that the prosecutor at yesterday’s arraignment said that the arresting officer had observed Kahane driving his car into Novak. When she signaled Kahane to stop, placing her hands on the front of his car, he continued. She was hit and suffered back and leg pain. She was treated at Weill Cornell Medical Center, part of the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Apparently, the police also arrested Novak for banging on the hood of the car, to get Kahane to stop, but prosecutors declined to prosecute her.

Kahane is described as a real estate developer based in New York City and Oakland. In the 1980s, his cousin Meir Kahane was banned from the Knesset, because, at the time, they had a law disallowing racist doctrine. Known for his confrontationist tactics, the old racist, wherever he ended up, is likely proud of his cousin.