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Decadent Biden Declares His Fed OK to Marijuana, a ‘Monumental Act’

In the long political career of Joe Biden he always presented himself as a “tough on crime” candidate. In 1986 he wrote the law to increase penalties for marijuana use called the “Anti-Drug Abuse Act.” As late as 2020 Biden was the only major Democratic candidate for President to oppose marijuana decriminalization.

But now Biden views our youth as a “demographic” that can be used for political gain. The scheming began in October 2022. At first, his Department of Health and Human Services released a report suggesting medical use for marijuana, and then the Justice Department used that report to recommend reclassification of marijuana from a Schedule I drug (meaning a high risk of abuse and no medical use) to Schedule III (meaning moderate risk of abuse and potential medical use). With such a “consensus” Biden reclassified the drug. Biden said, “This is monumental.” On May 16 Biden boasted, “Today, my administration took a major step to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 3 drug.”

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