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Faculty at New School Start Their Own Protest Encampment, Defending Student Protesters

The faculty of New York City’s New School organized their own solidarity encampment, stepping up in defense of their students, and in opposition to the administration’s high-handed treatment of the protest against genocide in Gaza. Their Instagram announcement today stated that their encampment will not end until their demands are met, including: financial divestment from Israel, an academic boycott of all Israeli institutions, dismissal of disciplinary charges against students, and the end of NYPD presence on campus.

The faculty spokesperson stated: “The university has left us no choice but to establish the Refaat Alareer Faculty Solidarity Encampment from the brazen lies spouted by the administration in the face of violent NYPD repression to the suspension of students and tactics used to prevent students from accessing their essential needs.” Refaat Alareer was a Palestinian writer, poet, and professor, who was killed in an airstrike in Gaza on Dec. 3, 2023.

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