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First Arrest of Violent Counterprotester from UCLA Ceasefire Encampment

Edan On, an 18-year-old senior at Beverly Hills High School, was arrested on May 24 on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon. CNN identified On from a video clip showing him beating a student protester with a wooden pole, and continuing to beat the protester after they fell to the ground. According to CNN, On’s mother bragged on social media about her son’s role in the attack that night. CNN reported that the mother wrote on Facebook, “Edan went to bully the Palestinian students in the tents at UCLA and played the song that they played to the Nukhba (sic) terrorists in prison!”

Why would it take 24 days to arrest a high school student who was identified on CNN, and after his mother detailed her son’s actions on social media? According to Grayzone embedded in the LAPD was Aaron Cohen, a “counter-terrorism” expert formerly with the IDF. Were the LAPD and an international “expert” really outsmarted by a high school student? Or, are they so compromised that they were just going to let the violent attackers off the hook?

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