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Dossier Reveals Identities of Violent Counter-Protesters at UCLA Peaceful Protest

For over two weeks the Los Angeles police have held detailed information on the identity of individuals involved in the violent assault on April 30 at UCLA against peaceful protesters, according to the Grayzone. Much of the information comes from videos that perpetrators themselves posted of their own involvement, but no arrests or charges have been made against them. Conversely, 200 peaceful protesters engaged in a sit-in were arrested for “conspiracy to commit burglary.” LAPD claims an ongoing investigation using facial recognition and cell phone data.

However, the LAPD itself may be one of the guilty parties. During the April 30 violence, LAPD officers left the scene, ignoring multiple requests for intervention over several hours.

Allegations suggest that LAPD’s integrity is compromised, with Aaron Cohen, an Israeli “counter-terrorism analyst” embedded in the LAPD “SRT” task force. Cohen had served in the IDF special forces unit “Duvdevan.” He was also doing “undercover” reporting from within the UCLA encampment for the “Dr. Phil” TV show. It would seem that American law enforcement has allowed itself to become an agent of a foreign government.

The LAPD has also partnered with Magen Am, a private security firm with military ties, founded by Yossi Eilfort, a MMA fighter who became a Chabad rabbi. Magen Am claims to have 12 employees all of whom are veterans of the Israeli or U.S. military. In 2020 LAPD Commander Vic Davalos publicly declared that, “I see Magen Am as the next evolution of an organized public/private first responder partnership in the community.” Magen Am boasts of its direct connections with the LAPD, FBI, the Sheriff’s office, the local DA office, the U.S. Attorney’s office, etc.

As the violence was about to start and the police left the scene, witnesses said a group of about a dozen men all dressed in black arrived. Magen Am admitted to being on the UCLA campus two days before the violence, but said that they were not there on the night of the 30th. But could the men dressed in black be Davalos’ “first responders?”

The attack appeared coordinated, involving more than low-level provocateurs. There seems to be an interface with local law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and military personnel. One could assume that the ADL helped to bring this all together. The ADL has a history of not debating their opponents, but rather repressing them.

The political wheels were in motion long before the bloodshed. False reports on social media stoked tensions. The Los Angeles Times reported that social media were full of stories of Jewish students who were prevented from entering their classrooms and even that a Jewish girl was “bludgeoned” and left unconscious on a sidewalk while five people wearing keffiyehs were “stomping on her Israeli flag.” With passions stirred, an irrational mob began to attack students, faculty, journalists, and even a policeman.

According to Grayzone one of the key planners of the night’s violent assault may have included the following individuals:

Nouri Mehdizadeh: Alleged key planner, seen with a sign reading “Enjoy tonight,” and filmed tearing down barricades at the UCLA encampment. Witnesses reported he intended to attack those who were not his “Jewish brothers.”

Tom Bibiyan: Uploaded a video of his participation in the attack. Involved in questionable cryptocurrency schemes, and his family foundation contributes to the Chabad ultra-Orthodox community.

Rony Yehuda: Described as an aggressive outsider, seen with the “Moshiach” flag of militant Zionist Chabad, linked to weapons trafficking.

Narek Palyan: Local Armenian activist known for publicly performing Nazi salutes and idolizing the Third Reich on social media posts.

David Kaminsky: Trained boxer, accused of spitting on a peace activist and using racial slurs. Claims he was at home during the attack, “smoking a cigar.”