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Humanitarian Aid in Gaza ‘Near Collapse’ Warns World Food Program

Rafah, Gaza. Credit: World Food Program

According to the latest report, on May 22, from UN’s World Food Program, distribution of food to the people of Gaza has reached a point of “near collapse.” The 900,000 people who have left Rafah are seeking shelter and aid largely in Khan Younis and the center of the Gaza Strip. Because military activity has escalated in the south and in the north, and neither of the border crossings at Rafah or Kerem Shalom is operational, a “humanitarian catastrophe” is imminent, the WFP warns.

The new military incursions into Rafah, which constantly force people to leave, also make it almost impossible for the WFP to access its warehouse there. Barely any food or fuel is getting into any part of Gaza. WFP is trying to use any pre-existing food stocks, anywhere, to contribute to community food kitchens to make hot meals.

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