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Hungary’s Szijjarto Tells EU 'No' to More Weapons, Money to Ukraine, Warns of Craziness

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, yesterday, after meeting with his EU counterparts on military aid to Kiev, stated that Hungary remains opposed to sending more weapons and money to its neighbor Ukraine. He properly posed Ukraine’s main problem not as weapons but manpower. Regarding the influx of Ukrainian men to Hungary, he noted, “We see how Ukrainians want to escape from Ukraine; we see that they do not want to go to the front and face certain death.” Earlier this month, Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary Zsolt Semjen had announced that Hungary would not extradite any Ukrainian men. (Ukraine has a sizable ethnic Hungarian minority, as well.)

Szijjarto added that some EU members are proposing the “increasingly crazier ideas” of sending their own troops into Ukraine or using Western weapons to target Russia. He warned that such proposals could have very dangerous and tragic consequences, stressing that Budapest vehemently opposes them.