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Israeli Military Expands Assault on Rafah – But with “Precision and Care”

After an intense night of bombardment, including drone attacks, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced today that “we are strengthening our effort in Rafah—this operation will grow, with more forces on the ground and more forces from the air. We will reach our goals—to hit Hamas very hard, to deny its military capabilities, to the point that we create all the conditions to facilitate the return of the hostages to their homes.” But Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Daniel Hagari emphasized that this is all being done with “precision and care.” Gallant was speaking from a Navy patrol boat off the coast of Gaza.

One day earlier, both residents and militants in Rafah reported seeing tanks taking up new positions further west than they had previously, along the southern border with Egypt. They were now stationed on the very edge of the Yibna neighborhood at the center of Rafah but hadn’t yet entered the district. Drones, helicopters, warplanes, and tanks were active throughout the night, according to Palestinian residents. “There has been no stopping of Israeli fire all night,” they told Reuters.

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