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London Guardian: Israel's Society Is Deeply Divided and Frustrated

According to The Guardian, Israeli society has traditionally had minor fault lines along ethnic, religious, and political lines, but, after nine months of war, these fault lines are growing. The war cabinet which was going to unify the country is itself in turmoil with old grudges, personality differences, and different military strategies. Morale is down, the promise of “total victory over Hamas” seems more and more unlikely, and recent negotiations to release the hostages have been a failure.
Some have warned of a growing “diplomatic Tsunami” over Israel’s handling of Gaza and of settler violence in the West Bank. Any feeling of detachment towards the “Palestinian problem” is no longer viable. A population once eager for peace has allowed a dark pessimism to cloud their vision. It is easier to attack the International Court of Justice prosecutors than to confront the atrocities committed in their name. Israel is a fatigued nation and needs a new path.
Israel needs the LaRouche Oasis Plan as much as its neighbors.

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