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Kuleba Tells U.S., You Have To Gear Up To Fight China, So Do It Now To Fight Russia

Foreign Policy magazine allowed Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba to restate his warning to the West, that they need to stop squeezing anything more out of Ukraine, and, instead, that there must be a massive war drive throughout the West, now. He had introduced this theme before the ink was dry on last week’s $61 billion military aid for Ukraine. In an interview with FP editor in chief Ravi Agrawal, published on May 1, Kuleba urged the U.S., in particular, when devising strategies for fighting Russia, to “look for problems on your side and not on the side of Ukraine.”

He explained: “Russia has become more efficient in producing weapons than the whole Western alliance. It’s a bad sign. Things must change if we are serious about defending the world as we know it.” Then he led up to his punchline: “Ask yourselves: What are we doing wrong if we cannot help our ally prevail? If you cannot produce enough interceptors to help Ukraine win the war against the country that wants to destroy the world order, then how are you going to win in the war against perhaps an enemy who is stronger than Russia?”

Translation: You can’t just keep bleeding Ukraine dry. It won’t work. So, this is all prelude to a major war with China. Why not bite the bullet, get serious, and do the type of mobilization needed for that—but do it now. Kuleba may be more realistic than some of the hyperventilating crowd around President Zelenskyy, but his only recourse is for full, all-out nuclear confrontation.