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Israeli Leader of Opposition: Government Fosters Racism and Violence by Jews

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid, speaking from the Knesset rostrum on May 19, used the occasion of Herzl Day to invoke the standards of Zionist Theodor Herzl against the pathetic Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. According to The Times of Israel, Lapid posed, what would Herzl make of an Israeli prime minister “who is not willing to take responsibility” for the security failure of Oct. 7, for the “Jews who were killed and murdered on his watch [and] who is not willing to say: ‘I am guilty, I am responsible, I am going home.’ Your punishment, Mr. Netanyahu, is that this is how history will remember you. This is what you will be remembered for. For not taking responsibility, for not admitting your guilt. That you didn’t even know how to ask for forgiveness and leave at [the appropriate] time.”

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