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Lavrov Stresses, Eurasian Security Can Begin without Western Influence

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the 32nd Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defensive Policy on May 18, and discussed the details of the May 16-17 meetings between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese host President Xi Jinping. His video remarks were dubbed in English today by Sputnik.

His initial remarks stressed how “dialogue must be conducted with the full scope of the problems that exist in today’s world in the field of strategic stability and the military-political landscape,” reported Sputnik.

“Chairman Xi Jinping’s Global Security Initiative was discussed during our visit to China at meetings both within the framework of delegations and at a meeting in a narrow group of leaders face to face. We see great reason that the practical promotion of the idea of ensuring global security would begin with the formation of the foundations of Eurasian security without any Euro-Atlantic flavor,” Lavrov said.

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