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Liu Xin Interviews Schiller's Sébastien Drochon on ‘The Point’ Broadcast

CGTN’s Liu Xin had Schiller Institute’s Sébastien Drochon among her three guests on her program The Point on May 6, the first day of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Paris today. While Drochon indicated the tremendous geopolitical pressure France was under in the pursuit of NATO’s war in Ukraine, he also indicated that the visit could be very important in moving the world away from the present path toward war, and could have a beneficial effect on bringing France back to its sense of being an independent sovereign nation. He said that there was still a way to go to get the French people to understand what China is all about, but that the reinforcement of the cultural links, including Xi’s comments on the importance of French writers, like Romain Rolland and Victor Hugo, was an important element in helping people understand the true nature of China today.

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