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The Economist and the Kremlin on Zelenskyy's Desperate State of Mind

London’s The Economist, in yesterday’s article entitled “Ukraine’s Desperate Struggle to Defend Kharkiv,” cited a Ukrainian government official who suggested that President Zelenskyy has a sense that he is not receiving the full truth. “That’s what he yells at his generals, at least,” said the source.

The article quoted Denys Yaroslavsky, a Ukrainian special-forces officer whose May 12 social media posts had been widely covered, alleging that Ukrainian corruption was responsible for undermining defenses in Kharkov. In yesterday's article, he echoed the theme that Zelensky was out of touch: “Zelensky is being kept in a warm bath. We think the president should tune into the situation on the ground and not ape Putin, a man whose life revolves around the papers his aides bring him.”

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