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Andrey Belousov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nominee to be the next Defense Minister, stressed in testimony to the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly that he considered it important to develop military education and capitalize on the experience of the special military operation to outpace the enemy in technology. “The enemy is learning quickly. The situation related to the use of new technologies changes literally every day. In this situation, we need simply not to learn and follow but to preempt the enemy. This work has been actually organized with the General Staff but it requires everyday effort. It is necessary to generalize the experience of applying new technologies and, correspondingly, test new forms and methods of warfare,” he told the Senators, reported TASS.

Russia needs to constantly keep this sphere in the focus of its attention and develop it further, he stressed. “Especially taking into account the experience that our armed forces have acquired in the special military operation.”

According to a summary posted by the Intel Slava Z Telegram channel, Belousov also made the following points, among others:

“• The primary issue in my post is to provide weapons to the Russian Armed Forces groups in the SMO

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