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An INSA poll, conducted for several news dailies of Thuringia, taken amongst among citizens of that state in Germany’s East, found that the new Bündnis Sahra Wagenknecht (BSW) party has climbed to 16%, at third position together with the Linke. The top two are the AfD (30%) and the CDU (20%). Wagenknecht has bucked the tide in Germany, refusing to promote permanent warfare.

Against the last poll, taken only a month ago, BSW improved by 3%. Trailing the above are the SPD at 7%; Greens at 5%; FDP at 2%—that is, a combined 14% for the three parties that form the present national government.

The election for state parliament in Thuringia will occur on Sept. 1. As it appears, the AfD would get the first mandate to form a coalition government, as it is the strongest party, but it would most likely not find any coalition partner among the other parties.