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Campus Protest Opponents Decry ‘Violence,’ Then Perpetrate It Themselves

Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies! From the outset, opponents of the campus protests against the U.S.-enabled Israeli slaughter in Gaza have bemoaned the dark threats of anti-Semitic slurs, violence, and manipulation by non-student outsiders. Now we learn that a number of those outrages have been perpetrated by counter-protesting provocateurs, who “prove” the accusations by their own deeds!

Make no mistake, as many pro-Palestinian students rightly insist, the real crime is not what’s been unleashed against them, but rather the desperate plight of the Gazans and other victims of the Anglo-American permanent warfare policy. Not a single university remains standing in that tortured corner of the planet.

That said, the bitter irony is that the far-and-away worst instance of campus violence took place on April 30 at UCLA. The New York Times has published a meticulously detailed, refreshingly truthful video montage of the event, in which the authors assert that pro-Israeli counter-protesters attacked the encamped students for hours, beating them with sticks, using chemical sprays, and launching fireworks as weapons. The assailants toted pro-Israeli slogans and played IDF anthems at loud volumes. The Times reported no instances from the Palestinian side initiating any confrontations, and confessed bewilderment at the utter lack of police and campus security response, nor were any arrests made.

What the authors do not state, but is clear from the visual evidence, is that a serious portion of the attackers were grown men in their thirties or forties, not college-age individuals at all.

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