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Pistorius Wants €10 Billion More Annually for Defense from 2025 Onward

A demand by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to have €10 billion more in his regular budget from FY 2025 on, implying an increase of the annual budget to €62 billion, has not been supported so far by the Chancellor and the Finance Minister, but the opposition Christian Democrats have welcomed it, as also do the Greens.

According to CDU/CSU defense expert Florian Hahn, the Bundeswehr needs significantly more money. “The underfunding of the Bundeswehr and thus of the defense budget is obvious and increasingly a sign of this federal government’s misguided policy of omission in matters of our security,” said the defense policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag. Difficult negotiations on the 2025 budget are currently underway in the federal government due to austerity measures.

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