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Ray McGovern Unveils ‘Russia and China—Two Against One’

Ray McGovern wrote a special to Consortium News on May 17 by that headline on the “increasingly formidable Russia-China strategic relationship.” The result of the May 16-17 Putin-Xi summit, he says, “amounts to a tectonic shift in the world balance of power.”

He then writes: “The Russia-China entente also sounds the death knell for attempts by U.S. foreign policy neophytes to drive a wedge between the two countries. The triangular relationship has become two-against-one, with serious implications, particularly for the war in Ukraine. If U.S. President Joe Biden’s foreign policy geniuses remain in denial, escalation is almost certain.”

McGovern reviews the comedy of errors between the U.S. and Russia and between the U.S. and China, exposing the mindlessness of the Biden administration. He concludes:

“If NATO country hotheads send ‘trainers’ to Ukraine, the prospect of a military dust-up is ever present. What Biden needs to know is that, if it comes to open hostilities between Russia and the West, he is likely to face more than just saber rattling in the South China Sea—and the specter of a two-front war. The Chinese know they are next in line for the ministrations of NATO/East. Indeed, it is no secret that the Pentagon sees China as enemy No. 1…. The Pentagon will be the last to sing a requiem for the dearly departed unipolar world. May sanity prevail.”

Alexander Mercouris of the Duran made a somewhat similar presentation, calling the Putin-Xi summit, “the greatest, the biggest convergence between two great powers that has taken place in modern history.” Mercouris makes reference to the 8,000-word Joint Statement by Xi and Putin, which had clearly been worked on for months, and observes that during those months the U.S. was sending first Janet Yellen, then Tony Blinken to China, while Germany’s Olaf Scholz and France’s Emmanuel Macron also visited, all full of “instructions” for China to stop “overproducing” and stop trading with Russia. The Chinese were politely ignoring all of that, while they were instead working on the 8,000-word “Joint Statement on Deepening the China-Russia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era,”

on every conceivable area of cooperation between the two great nations.