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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Challenges Trump To Debate at Libertarian National Convention

In a May 7 post on his X account, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote an open letter to former President Donald Trump challenging him to a debate at the May 24-25 Libertarian National Convention, where they are both scheduled to speak. “It’s perfect neutral territory for you and me to have a debate where you can defend your record for your wavering supporters. You yourself have said you’re not afraid to debate me as long as my poll numbers are decent. Well, they are.” He added that “I asked the convention organizers and they are game for us to use our time there to bring the American people the debate they deserve!”

RFK wrote that “we did our own poll with Zogby—the largest and most accurate poll of this election cycle. We had Zogby ask about head-to-head matchups. (1) You versus President Biden. (2) Me versus President Biden. (3) Me versus you. The results? You beat President Biden handily. I crush him as well, by even more. And against each other, I beat you in a nail-biter.”

(Polls published last month by CNN and Quinnipiac both showed Kennedy at 16% in a contest involving him, Trump, Biden, and other independents.)

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